AC Milan released the new season away cheap football shirts

Italian giants AC Milan Adidas recently released the club’s 13/14 season away cheap football shirts, still with elegant white as the main body, with gold / red / black as the details of embellishment.

cheap football shirts

We do not need to make too much introduction to the history of AC Milan, you know, this team has witnessed the development of European football almost every glorious moment. In the new season, AC Milan’s players will wear this white-based shirt appeared in the European War rivals on the pitch.

Earlier we introduced AC Milan will use the new season the second away football shirts sale, it is a completely gold as the main body of the shirt, a symbol of the club for the desire for honor, and this away there is also a gold shirt presence, in the There are three long golden Adidas stripes on the sleeves.

AC Milan, this shirt also reflects the club’s traditional red and black color, is applied to the shirt collar and cuffs, football shirts on both sides of the classic AC Milan team logo and Adidas LOGO.

AC Milan’s achievements is not just a club’s achievements, but also a proud achievement of the country, the Italian flag in the neck of the football shirts, as a very interesting design details.

cheap football shirts

AC Milan this football shirts with ClimaCool fabric, its purpose is to make the player’s body is always maintained at a comfortable temperature level, the sweat and moisture quickly discharged.

cheap football shirts

AC Milan has a long and glorious history, this shirt may be in the team’s museum to win a place, we look forward to AC Milan players wearing this shirt to challenge the dominance of Juventus.