“If you want to know how I am, go figure it out yourself! We have mutual friends! And I have a website!”

Yelling this at someone really only applies if the website indicates something current about how I am. Not to mention, yelling this at someone out loud would have been better than yelling it in my head.

I am fine. Like this post, things feel faltering, like I am still picking myself back up with distraction as my crutch of choice. This is not a complaint, it’s just a fact. Leaving a sport, failing exams, being rejected, these are all common but still difficult things. I am fine.

Anyway it’s an exciting day to be procrastinating spring-break-work with news items. Likewise I think SCOTUS may be distracting itself from the issue of basic civil rights with questions about the duration of male fertility and the age of the internet relative to other human constructs. The Supreme Court does what it wants. Here is what I want:

Equality, sunrise style.

Also, look.

Finally: I am curious and yes, apprehensive, to see what North Korea’s militaristic posturing becomes. That country is such a black box to me, I feel like everything I have learned about international norms and what drives state preferences, indeed what pays for them, just doesn’t quite apply. What is this really for?

So at some point shortly I will shelve NPR and wordpress so that I can resume codifying endangered species protection laws for African countries. Their existence, their strength, their integration with other laws, and their enforceability.

Because it seems that if I really want to make a difference in fighting illegal wildlife trade, I might find better support if I propose studying the political institutions involved than if I propose laying on top of a rhinoceros and yelling* “it’s me or him!” at poachers.

*Whether out loud or in my head.

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  1. Lauren on March 26, 2013 2:02 pm

    I too find myself pondering DPRK and international norms. Nothing really seems to apply to that state. Glad you are recovering..onward and upward to new adventures! :)

  2. Kelly on March 26, 2013 10:26 pm

    I am trying to decide if that counted as an update on your life. And, I’m pretty sure laying on top of rhinos is a job too. You could do that.

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